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Michael J. Fox's Journal

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Thursday, October 23rd, 2003
9:38 pm
And I will dance naked through the streets without my mask on

current mood: Tori
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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002
7:57 pm - ¬.¬
Think outside the box.

current mood: perplexed
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Wednesday, June 12th, 2002
1:20 am - The Official Michael J. Fox homepage!!!!
Nienor rocks my world!

She made me this great page, featuring my life story, all my songs and some more stuff!!!! Whoa. You so rule Nienor!!!! Thanks so much!!

Everyone go visit and admire!!!! Wow!


current mood: impressed
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Monday, June 10th, 2002
11:37 am - PARTY NOW
Today is my 42nd 25th birthday!!!!!

To celebrate, I'm throwing a party at The Prancing Pony in Bree!!!!

Seeing as I'm not a hobbit, I won't be giving away presents, but I'll be pleased to see you there . Note, you don't need to bring me a present!

I also want to thaaaaank sporkninja very much for getting me my own DeLorean for my birthday. :D It's not a time traveling one, but still! AWESOME!!!!

I believe this makes me the first puppet to own a car. XD
So, come one, come all to Michael J. Fox's birthday bash!!!

current mood: jubliant
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Friday, June 7th, 2002
7:08 pm - Upcoming birthday.
Hey. My birthday is June 9th. Maybe I should, you know, have a party or something.

Any ideas?


current mood: festive
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Friday, May 31st, 2002
6:04 pm - Return of Chomsky!!!
I found Chomsky's corpse and wept, for a long, long time. Then Nienor came and rescued me from my hole near Trollshaw. I bitched out pleaded to Chomsky's mun and now I'm going to undertake the efforts to have Chomsky revived! Everyone else has died and come back, and, dammit!!! Chomsky meant so much to me!

So, here is my plea! To anyone with the power to bring back to life the deceased, please heed me! And I'll go hunt down Willow to bring her back via that Buffy episode if I have to! I'll even Ghostbust and catch her ghost and get it back inside and... I don't know!! But please let me bring her back! It was wrong, she shouldn't have died! It was before her time!

Lord Eru, Ye Mighty Valar, Noble Maiar, Lord Denethor, and any other with the abilities to bring back the dead, please hear my plea and help me do this! I beseech thee!

Okay, thanks.... I hope any of them have me on their friends list.

current mood: hopeful
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Thursday, May 30th, 2002
5:05 pm - O.O
CHOMSKY'S DEAD?!!?!?!?!?!

Why didn't anyone TELL ME?!?!!?

current mood: stunned
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Wednesday, May 29th, 2002
3:43 am - Oh really...?
Your MESPT Pairing Du Jour Is:

Mike Fox + Fingolfin........... who?
Mike Fox + Faramir Took......... a little young, I think.
Elf Of Mystery + Mike Fox....... mysterious. *looks at user info* Secret Agent Elf? Huh.
Okay, one more, last times the charm!

Turin Turambar + Mike Fox............. right, I really need to hook up with Nienor's ex/brother.

Okay. Not trusting this thing. Going to bed. Then I'll find my way home.

current mood: sleepy
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2:37 am - Well, I'm back.
Initially upon reading this, you'll probably go "Where the hell have you been?" so I thought I'd start off with an apology to Merry, and Nienor and anyone else who might have worried over me. It started off like this...

I was at Gamgee Hall with Merry -- it was our first night there together... and I went out for a walk alone. Bad mistake, I suppose. It was a lovely night and despite my depression troubles I was feeling pretty good. That was when I heard these voices and saw these... silvery shapes. Being a curious guy by nature I followed. I was unarmed, in my pajamas. I didn't even have my laptop with me (a fact I regretted for a long time after). I approached at last the silvery lights, which turned out to be what I later identified as Barrow Wrights. That is, apparently ghosts of undead kings. I wasn't really scared, until they grabbed me and tied me up and dragged me off to what I later discovered was the Barrow Downs.

Now, the Barrow Wrights have got to be the last dead kings that actually stayed dead. I have a theory that the only reason this is true is because they don't have any form of internet down there. So there I was, tied up naked (um, no comment), in the tomb of some dead kings and with no laptop to call for help. So for five days they kept me down there without food and with only a little water. I won't go into the tortures I endured. On the fifth day, knowing I was going to die if I didn't do something, I bean to sing. I don't remember if it was I Wanna Be Like Harry Potter or Getting Trashed, Smashed, Hashed (With Chomsky) but after a few renditions, they untied me so they could hear me better.

I was weak, so I sang, and then I finally got food. Won't say what. Still, I couldn't escape. These ghosts were evil and my charms didn't work on them. So I was stuck entertaining them for almost a month. At one point I transformed (how I have no clue) into Carrie Fisher, circa Princess Leia, and they put me in a metal bikini and chained me to the bed post of their dead king lord, whom they called Bubba the Glut. Bubba liked to eat, a lot, even though he was a ghost, and he apparently liked petting my hair and, well, doing things to me that I won't even put in strikeout.

This lasted several gruelsome days, until one night one of the Wrights, we'll call him Fran, decided he um, was in love with me (I was female at the time, mind you). I thought I was going to get killed in the skirmish that insued, because Fran killed Bubba, along without about four of the other wrights [ghosts killing ghosts is a horrirble thing, I made a movie about it once, called the Frighteners.. it sort of bombed, but, um, nevermind) and seemed to have no regard for injuring me. Anyway, in the skirmish I found my chains had been broke and I was FREE! In a metal bikini, but FREE! But Fran was chasing me!

Then things sort of changed and Fran began to resemble a Pac Man ghost. It took a while longer but as Fran ate all the dots in sight I realized I had become... well I don't know how to put this in terms you'd understand or even believe, but, well, I'd become animated. Not just animated, but I basically turned into Fred, from Scooby Doo. Orange scarf and all (which I admit was an improvement over the metal bikini). Anyway. I'm sure by now you all think this is a big elaborate bullshit rouse, but it's true dammit. I dunnow how I turned animated, but I did dammit! It happened! And I grabbed Fran-come-Pac-Man-Ghost's head and pulled it off to reveal that it was really old Mayor Will Whitfoot, dead these last long years. He was all 'damn you crazy kid, if it hadn't been for you and your metal-y bikini I would have gotten away with it too!'... whatever. So I beaned him over the head with a treebranch and tied his eyes closed with my scarf and ran off.

Fortunately as a cartoon I didn't need to eat or drink much of anything (in fact the water tended to make my sleeves run into my hands and make a big beige mess -_-). Still, I was utterly lost and still laptopless. I dropped out of Fred guise a few days later, unbeknowst to me, and I started getting hungry and thirsty. That's when I realized I was me again. And I had to get help and fast. I was trying to get to the Shire again, but apparently I was heading in the wrong direction, because I found these giant troll statues and lo and behold they all had giant laptops!! I was so excitied! I immediately tried one. But it was frozen stiff! In fact, it had been turned into STONE. All three were like that. So, dejected, I sat around and sighed a lot. For about two days, in fact, which brings us to the present.

I was starving. I figured I was going to die. I figured, if I was gonna die, I'd best at least die in a hole. So I decided to dig my own grave. Got about six feet done and fell in exhausted.

Okay. So what happened next I can't really explain, but, like... okay, there was a laptop there. And internet access. Just, like, sitting there, in the hole I'd just dug. I know. Crazy. Don't believe me if you don't want, but it's true. I'm sitting in the hole now writing this. @_@ So I got online and this first thing I did was order a Mordor Express pizza. @_@ They delivered it promptly and I ate the whole thing. Then I thought I'd better type this. Soon as I'm done I'm going to download a map of the Shire or whatever and figure out where the hell I am.

And no, there's no way I'm scrolling back over my friends page 1000+ posts. So. Consider me out of the loop, did I miss anything important while I was, um, gone?

current mood: relieved/hungry
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Thursday, April 18th, 2002
10:27 pm - Dear Lord Melkor,
I know I'm just a lowly, good for nothing human just made for someone else's whims, but I've got a plea for you. A long, long time ago there was a girl named Nienor who had a father that upset you. And as a result she was cursed into a fate that she didn't deserve. And.... and I really, really like this lady, and I wish she didn't have such rotten luck, so I was wondering if maybe, perhaps, you could uplift the curse on her?

Let by gones by gones? Please?

I'll... just about do anything you ask. Even write you another song.



current mood: hopeful
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Wednesday, April 17th, 2002
1:17 pm - Hehehe. Yay!!
I got on Éomer's quotes page!!! As myself for once!!! Although, what he put up didn't seem very funny to me. But I guess that's because I don't think I'm a very funny person? I dunno. :)

Anyway, can't wait until tonight's poetry jam hosted by butterbur!!! Nienor and I are gonna test out the new mattresses afterwards, I think. ;)

Well, most go get my poetry together; maybe compose some more stuff on my talking piano. See you all tonight at the jam!

current mood: stoked
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Tuesday, April 16th, 2002
4:14 pm - O.O
Thank you for visiting the Brand! You now have a flamethrower tattooed across the middle of your stomach.

Ms. Cotton I think I got your tattoo. o.o

current mood: amused
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Saturday, April 13th, 2002
10:26 pm - Ooooh.
I have spiffy new powers.

*sits down in the middle of the Shire and contemplates on what to do with them*

*waves his hand and conjures up a bouquet of flowers*
That's pretty cool.
*teleports to wherever Nienor is and presents them to her.

Hmmm. Hey Merry, want to go to the sea now? :)

Um. *gives jrrtolkien new copies of Back to the Future II and III*

I could take over Gondor, but that's pretty boring. I don't want power.
I wanna be a famous musician, but I want to do that with hard work.

*conjures up a Hallmark store, saunters in, spends about two hours reading cards and laughing at them. Finally picks one up that is a Thank You, writes a little 'thank you' to Manwë and sticks it in the mail*

Uh. *fixes the gates of Mandos* :)

This is fun. *makes a pretty aurora borealis over all of Middle-earth*

Oooh, inspired a song.. *rushes off to write*

current mood: happy
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Thursday, April 11th, 2002
3:20 pm - >_
I'm the song writer here!!!!

I feel second-rate now. *sigh*
Especially 'cause some of you are better than me. *sigh*

current mood: depressed
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1:59 am - Been busy!
Just thought I'd drop a little update.

No witty music this time although I've been having a pretty good time here in the Shire without anyone around to nag at me for playing too loud. I got a new guitar, a 1967 wood-grain Fender telecaster. Antique, but oh-so-beautiful.

So, I think I'll be coming up with some more rock and roll types of songs in the future. Anyone have any suggestions? Now that Over the Finduilas is out I'm sort of at a loss for what to write next. I've decided to nix Sex~ay Spots from my future plans. Also am thinking about setting up a fanpage where you can download the lyrics to my songs. Are any of my groupies interested in setting this up for me? I know jackshit about HTML; I was born into the wrong era.

Speaking of that, please check out my new biography book (well the real-me biography). It's called Lucky Man and it's pretty powerful. If you ever wanna get into my head, read it. It retails for about $22.00 USD but you can get it off Amazon.com for about $20 with shipping or if you got a Costco/Sam's Club (haha) you can get it for about $12. So go get it! =D Support me!

And now I'm off to bed to ponder future music; I always wanted to be a musician/rock n' roll star or an actor, so music seems ideal.

Also thinking of attending Butterbur's poetry slam. Maybe they'll let me play! Also keeping tabs on the newly restored Smashing Uruk-hai in the attempts I can open for their band sometime. Good way to get my foot in the door. But I still need a band name! Or should I just be solo? just "MJF" or "Mike Fox" or "Michael J. Fox"? Any suggestions? Please?

Alright, night!

current mood: hungry
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Monday, April 8th, 2002
12:50 pm - time goes by
Well, still in the Shire. I've been spending a little time with Merry although he's been sort of in and out working around the Shire. We've decided to go to Brandyhall and help Elanor with cleaning the place up. Its more than a little depressing to see the place as charred cinders.

I... tried to write today. Finally finished Over the Finduilas. It didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it to be, but it's all right. I still might try to write a better piece about the sea for Merry.

Over the Finduilas
by Michael J. Fox

Over and over and over again
Comes the roaring of the sea
Over and over and over again
Comes the yearning to be free

The crashing waves pull my heart
I will fade away if I don't depart
Stone and earth wear at me
Water and sand is where I'll be

Over and over and over again
Comes the crying of the gull
Over and over and over again
Comes the sleeping pulling lull

The wanning tide draws me out
I must find what this pull is about
(Forgive me) I must leave, I cannot stay
(Forgive me) I do not stray, I know my way

Over and over the Finduilas
Over and over the sea
Over and over the ocean glass
Over and over please set me free...

current mood: poetic
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Sunday, April 7th, 2002
5:48 am - Wow!
What a night, what a night!

First off, to congraulate Mr. Samwise and Mr. Frodo for their great wedding, I'd like to repost this song I wrote for them during the ceremony in my drunken stupor (Mr. Frodo has already heard it and approved so I don't feel bad posting it). A-hem.

The Wedding of Sam and Frodo, by Michael J. Fox

It was a day of hazy fire
When those two met their desire
Frodo with eyes a-blue
Finally said "Sam, I do"
And known across the land for fat
Sam tossed his mighty hat
And said "Fuck you, preferably now!"
And oh they did and how!
Later that night while the bride dozed
The groom went and ate all the hoho's
Frodo awoke with such a great start
When Sam came into bed with a fart!
They bickered then about their past
And how how long their marriage would last
People started betting "It'll last one day!"
But those two made up with a roll in the hay.
Sam finally was liberated and showed some force
And Frodo couldn't take it so they got a divorce

Although, fortunately, they didn't get a divorce (at least not yet)

The free booze was excellent, and I had a great time. Nienor and I tried to dance, but I was so drunk I didn't get very far. Grima showed up (uuuh, ghostly?) for awhile and we got into a spat over Nienor. Finally decided we'd have a threesome if Grima comes back to life as a hobbit (my fetish for hobbits was revealed, alas!) Anyway, um, I know the Gods are all bowed out of Middle earth now, but maybe you'd do him the favour of making him a hobbit? Despite the fact that Merry is dead I'm resigned to the fact that I'm never going to score with him. Oh well.

So I don't remember what else all happened tonight. Lots of screaming from the Gamgee kids. I remember sitting in a tree with Merry at one point. Promised I'd take him to the sea sometime, and I'd write him a song. Might try to make a combonation song-about-the-sea and Over the Finduilas but I'm not sure. We'll see. I did write a diddly/poem about Jellyfish/the sea in my drunken daze, and although it was the byproduct of a song about the sea gone horribly wrong I thought I could share it before I drag myself out of my own drool and off to bed.

I present to you:

Jellyfish, by Michael J. Fox

Jellyfish, jellyfish where have you been?
Jellyfish, jellyfish where are you goin'?
Been under the sea all your long life
Swimming along, minding your strife
Tell me a tale of a giant white shark
Tell me a tale of the mermaid's that hark
Jellyfish, Jellyfish what do you do?
Jellyfish, Jellyfish can I come too?

Goodnight world.

current mood: drunk
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Saturday, April 6th, 2002
7:07 pm - Oh yeah.
Since everyone else is, I got an AIM thingie too.

Michael J Fox ME

Feel free to add me. :)

Lets start the wedding already!!! Where are Sam and Frodo? Did they run off and elope together?
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3:49 pm - Wedding Bells Are Ringing
Well, this week has been pretty nuts.

I got about half way to Lórien when I met up with Haldir. I guess Frodo had told him to keep an eye on me, although why Haldir of all people is beyond me. So anyway, we met up and then turned right back around and headed back to the Shire for Mr. Sam and Mr. Frodo's wedding. I'm a little nervous to be meeting Frodo's parents (erm, dad and boyfriend?). I wonder what they'll think of me.

Worried about seeing Frodo too. It's strange seeing him looking like Brendan Fraser (actually, all of the ME people who look like actors I knew/know is really weird) but Frodo as Bredan especially, since I met him as a hobbit.

But anyway, Haldir helped me get a suit so I'd look decent and I've been trying to think of a song to write for them, maybe to sing it for the dance afterward (I'm assuming there is going to be one?) but lyrics are just not coming right now. I suppose its because I don't really know the bride or groom (erm, groom and groom?)

Seems like a big turn out here. Nice to be surrounded by so many people who are gathered in love. After the last few weeks of tragedy a wedding seems like a blessing. I just hope it all goes off well.

Anyway, I'm gonna go see if I can get some punch and deviled eggs now...
Maybe look for my Frodo too. If anyone sees me, feel free to stop by and say 'hi!'

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Friday, April 5th, 2002
9:22 am - So much pain.
I can't recap, I can only explain.

This must be brief.

Frodo came home last night. I only knew it was him, because I had watched the events unfold last night. I wanted to comfort him, tell him something that might bring some light back into his eyes, but there were no words.

He... didn't stay long. He took a few things with him, looked around the hall once with a vacant gaze and started towards the door. I asked 'Where are you going?' and he said 'Gondor is burning; the White City must not fall.'

And he left. And I think he's a little off his rocker (with reason, but still!)
But I think he's going to try to take over Gondor now, though. o.o;

And I must follow him. There's nothing for me here now.

current mood: worried
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